Roof Trusses that makes a difference.

As the areas leader in wholesale manufacturing of roof trusses, we pride ourselves on our quality and service. We will estimate any truss needs you may have, whether residential, agricultural, or commercial. We use only Southern Yellow Pine wood product and Mitek Engineering. So if your roof truss should need to span fourteen feet, or more than eighty feet, we will help you meet those needs!


Truss Configuration

Floor Trusses that makes a difference.

Engineered floor trusses offer the ability to clear span up to thirty-six feet. Along with allowing greater clear spans than dimensional lumber, the open web configuration is user friendly to other trades, such as plumbing and electrical. With designated openings for trunk lines, your HVAC worker will be smiling!

Floor performance is a subjective issue and involves many factors. Depending on the end users sensitivity, some or all of the factors involved may be adjusted to enhance performance. Although it is difficult to predict how a floor will feel, the perception and expectation of the end user must be considered in order to ensure satisfaction. In all cases, we pay great attention to detail at the design stage in order to provide you with a superior floor system.
Floor Trussels
Engineered Wood Products that makes a difference.

1. I-Joist

I-Joist are easy to work with, easy to live with, and more affordable than you think. They are guaranteed not to shrink, thereby eliminating those annoying squeaks from your floor. I-Joist are engineered to outlast and outperform ordinary lumber joists.
The advantages to I-Joist are:
- Readily available in lengths up to fifty-two feet
- Depths include 9 1/2 , 11 7/8, 14" and 16"
- Lightweight and easy installation
- Greater load-carrying capacity
- Fewer support beams required
- Lifetime guarantee!

Engineered Wood Products

2. LVL

Through advances in technology and design, Laminated Veneer Lumber (LVL) has become an excellent alternative to traditional sawn lumber. LVL is a strong, stiff, consistent, and predictable building material that can support heavy loads and meet longer span requirements than most conventional lumber.

3. RIM

Rim Board provides three functions. First, it provides lateral restraint to the end of the I-Joist. Secondly, it transfers the load being applied from an upper load-bearing wall down to the bearing below. Thirdly, it transfers lateral loads (wind) from the shear walls and floor diaphragm above into foundation supports below. Rim Board is available in all I-Joists depths.

Metal Hangers that makes a difference.

We provide a wide selection of hangers to 

accommodate your roof system needs.

Metal hangers